Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ragged Grin 2017


I got very sick. That is the story of 2017. 
My son actually convinced me to put a few things out around 430 pm.

It was very small, it was simple, it went up in about a half hour. 
We had a lot of kids. 

I learned something this year...even a quarter of what I had planned was pretty good, good enough for the kids anyway, who came out despite the cold, despite everything...and took photos and laughed and shrieked and had fun, 
ultimately that is what matters anyway. I'm slightly ashamed it took me so long to realize that...sometimes wonders and magic come in smaller packages, but they smolder just as powerfully nonetheless. 

After much thought I've decided to give the original plan it's day in 2018, as originally intended, nothing held back. A Pumpkin Witch risen from a hundred years of cursed slumber and those who serve and worship her and the terrifying means by which they resurrect her...

Ragged Grin: Rise of The Pumpkin Witch 2018

until then...

Ragged Grin will return in 2018, leaner, steamier, meaner and dreamy-er, 
than ever


  1. Whoa, hope you're feeling better . I think you hit it out of the ballpark this year! You did some cool sculpting in those skull crows. Well done!

  2. Thanks! It was literally the second week of this month before I felt right again. So incredibly frustrating. It started the Friday before, fever on Saturday, that's when I knew it was for real. I haven't had a fever in forever it seems. Just really bad timing. Two years battling the knee, now this...I should probably hang it up. I think my new rule is to have everything done by October 1st, plan on a few days to get it set up, or buy a damn tent and have an indoor thing, so to speak.

    Whatever I do moving forward, I'll never forget this year. Cold as I can recall on a Halloween night and yet we had a lot of kids. Literally threw it up in 20 minutes or so. Put up the two in the middle, then decided that was TOO little, grabbed the skull totem things and the plain skulls with the candles, which my wife loved but I was disappointed in, I put my scarecrow up in the very back as a last hurrah I guess...he's now dismantled, so that's what it was. Handful of lights, pumpkins, corn was in garage, bags of leaves in the garage, a half dozen things that I wasn't ready to call "finished" in the garage. Lol...but it was fine. Thanks again, Sir, always good to talk.