Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween '15

Bittersweet because for all of the successes and joys, felt many of the props were pretty solid, going back home...the seemingly never ending knee issue gripped me at the worst possible time.

The witches that were to be the centerpiece of the whole thing were deemed too gory, so they were omitted completely, the planned layout was basically ignored and amended when half of my fence was ripped apart by high winds the day before. So basically we had some fence and an entryway and a corridor of props leading to a very brightly lit front door.

Lots of compliments, lots of inquiries, loads...of regret and yet 200-250 kids strolled through and every one, even the teens, seemed impressed. "Best in town", thrown around repeatedly "you win Halloween", etc. Thanks to my wife, daughter and especially my son, who basically put it up while I gimped around thinking the end was near...next year will be better.

Nonetheless, Ragged Grin '15, Lake City, PA