Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hello you two, or three readers out there.
I'm still here.

Been struggling with knee issues for most of the build season and have had to revise my plans repeatedly as well as my habits. Not quite sure what the haunt will be this year but it won't be what I'd planned. At this point I'd just love to string a week together of good days and finish.....something.

I know this last years haunt I used music by Alex Cuervo, The Obelisk, which I discovered via a very kind couple people named Rot and Bean. Also used it for Haunt "compilation video". Perhaps my favorite piece of music ever, no exaggeration. I've linked to the soundcloud file below.

This year....whatever it becomes, will again have music featured by Cuervo, entitled, 
The Weeping Willows

So I know that much. Beyond that...up to fate, I had originally entitled the display concept: Ragged Grin, Harvest of Souls, but there is no way I will complete the 42 pieces necessary to convey that properly. I may settle on a few things and simplify it quite a bit, may put the work on hold for next year and do something simple. Time will tell. Less than a hundred days and I'm still having trouble walking for very long. I don't want to waste a Saturday Halloween.

I leave you with my calling card and my most well known own yard last year and that of the brilliant Pumkinrot, from two years back.


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