Sunday, May 4, 2014

Considering the dreaded step of acting in haunt


Possible Names.....




Buggiardo (Italian for Liar)

Character is shaping up as a cross between Ledgers Joker, Chaney in London After midnight and A scarecrow named "Patch"

Any thoughts?


  1. How about some 19th century pauper who was convicted of a crime, hanged, then strung up by a road frequented by robbers. He came back to scare kids who steal halloween candy from self service candy bowls. Set up a "The honor system" bowl at the door as if you are out and hang out as a prop in the yard. You could do zombie makeup, paint like vaudeville stage makeup on top of that all runny, like Ledger or even a pumpkin painted face, victorian coat and or suit, noose, wood/faux wood strapped to your arms...

  2. sounds pretty good, there would be a top hat, similar to previous ones, a ragged coat made up of lightweight material, sticks, spandex, etc.Still working out details.