Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Early Happy Merry Christmas thing...

Going for a haunted woods sort of thing next year. Location is moving to childhood home. Might try some subtle movement, maybe some projection. Going to start sooner as much of it will need transported in the summer. Researching old fables, mystical creatures. With the tiny pumpkin sisters I combined the heated plastic techniques with organic elements and I think that is the direction I want to take things, but on a larger scale. The twins scarecrow, the sisters, zombie girl and Patch will be returning, some with updates and refreshing. The cloaked ghost will get a refresh, everything else will be new. I like the look of the vines and trees and plan on amping that way up. I want some things unseen from the front, meaning you need to get in there to discover them. What I've learned most from the grand master is to immerse the viewer in the concept, to limit real world access, overload the senses so to speak. That and attention to detail, fine, fine attention. It is time to take the next step.

2014: The Black Forest of Harry Hollow