Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Night pics lacking

If I learn anything before next year it will be how best to light haunt, how best to get decent night shots. Next year I am changing locations, setting up at my parents house in my hometown where I started doing this as a teen. A fitting end possibly.

The night shots are terrible, but here they are for better or worse...

Going to pull some of these out over summer and mess around with some different lighting until I get it right, probably add some white spots, get to know our cameras a bit better. Overall I had an idea in my head and some things went well, others did not. The "organic" or "harvest" theme is done so well by some and masterfully by a select few, I am clearly not one of them...so I am moving on. MAYBE a scarecrow next year...but definitely something completely different overall. Incidentally, the scarecrow I called "Raggs" was posted out front of the home, a ToT fell into the post it was on, knocking it over breaking half of it off, so he is just a grinning pumpkinhead now...but he did begin me on this journey and I was proud of him. Thanks.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Harrison Hollow '13

Feel as though the haunt improved overall, still not where I want to be design wise. Good steps, but not huge ones. 2014 or 2015 will be in Erie County, may wait til 2015, TBD. More pics, night time included, to come.