Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Drying in the son with "eater" corpse after getting a shot of black.

These WIP shots aren't indicative of where I'd hoped to be at this point but they are reality. Lots to do, much of which will be first time attempts. I'm glad I enjoy this so much....

...really, I do, I really do.....


  1. Love those two pumpkin headed dudes.

  2. thanks man, ultimately they should appear female once I add long weeds (hair) which I hope doesn't end up ruining them.

  3. Hey, Those are cool! I'm making some small Minions/homunculi that will be lurking around the tombstones...

  4. Thanks! I'm way behind but theoretically these two "wives"...will be at the feet of the "pumpkin king" who is yet to be built. Materials obtained, just not created yet. Will be my last addition this year last pumpkin headed creature for a long while.