Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First completed prop for 2013 which will basically be a "coming soon" sort of thing. Inspired by PumpkinRot, though I tried to make it my own.

I call him "Raggs"


  1. Hey, he looks awesome! Bet he was fun to make!

  2. Thanks Willow, it was a fun process and given me a kick in the pants to get moving!

  3. Thanks Jay, I appreciate you stopping by, love your work.

  4. I can see the Rot inspiration as far as the earthy, primitive look but it ends there, it looks like an original piece. Nice job! Wishful that I had access to those natural materials here in Florida...

    1. Thanks Mark. I toyed a bit with this type of thing last year utilizing organic materials and enjoyed the process though I wasn't thrilled with my results then. I have a couple pieces I may tear apart and redo as I thought my concept was sound but execution was off. I received some advice, just in general, from someone after last year that really drove everything home for me, seemed to make everything come into focus. Raggs......which really doesn't fit into the concept this year is built maybe my way of showing I was listening.