Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 Decided to focus on cemetery this year, some dead rising, stones, maybe...maybe a mausoleum, just pulling reference and inspiration right now. Going to focus on setting, lighting, staging.

Back to whats brewing today, rediscovered this zombie shot, the ROT zombies of course play some part in the inspiration for this year, mostly as proof that a full size, freestanding prop is attainable that doesn't look like ass.

Likewise with this pic from The Ghost Dead haunt a few years back. I've been looking everywhere at props/designs of rising spirits and with very few exceptions feel this is about as good as it gets.

Shot multiple pics at Evans City cemetery and have a good idea what look I want for basic stones, considering going with something elaborate like this, similar, very what Davis Graveyard has. Davis Graveyard of course is freakin ridiculous, just amazing. Had I won the Powerball Saturday I would be building my own Davis Graveyard.