Monday, January 14, 2013

Remnants from 2012, May have spent too much time on Hats

Found a pic and link to this blog from pumpkinrot's "Whats Brewing" the other day, changed my shorts, thanked him and lo and behold, can't stop thinking about this year's haunt. Spent an hour tonight drawing up ideas that I've been collecting and come down to this:

Doing an abandoned cemetery, using the past years witches but improving upon them and adding three more, so we'll have...

Queen Witch, the big un that will get a new, shorter, leaning body

Pumpkin...again, shorter, more stylized, no mask

Old and improved body maybe even a neck

adding to the coven...

Demon Witch,....Short, squat, thick, mask nailed to her face, two fingers/toes, thumb, wings, tail

Spider.....Owner/trainer of Shelobs little bastard son and daughter (to be built), Spider will be...well, she will be a sight if it goes right.

Scarecrow..........Yes, a witch named scarecrow, nuff said

Doing all new stones, adding to fence, pillars, chains, adding bigger, female spider, a particular corpse design  I've wanted to try, that's it...and that, enough.

Build starts in March, take a month off in July, hitting it hard again from August through September

Design wise it'll be a year off after this, Haunt will shift to hometown in Erie, Pa as I promised my Mom I would. So whatever comes out of this year is next year's as well, though I may add something or two or three.

In May I will be hitting the job trail hard and aggressive, looking for that design job on the west coast I've always coveted, should that go well....all this may change, till then...

Aloha from Zombietown USA